So -  finally the handbag collection is ready, and some af the styles are already availeble in the shops this fall, 2008. After a great deal of requests from clients and stylists, Helene Steensby created a handbag collection to go with the spring 2009 shoe collection, but most of the bags were requested to be delivered already in the fall of 2008. So here they are...

Helenes idea is to create 4 main designs, and build on those with different sizes and versions of each design.

The designs will be named CPH (Copenhagen), Paris, London and New York.

CPH and Paris are out now in the sizes, The day off and The night out.


The basic sizes, featuring in all lines will be: 

The night out - a clutch size, The day off - a shopping size, and The coins - a purse. 


Click the names on your right to explore each design.







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