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To pursue your dreams


Helene Steensby have, ever since she was a child, had a love for fashion and she has always been somewhat of a dreamer. To please her parents wishes, she took a long college education, and received a bachelor degree in economics and computer science, she then got a job as an IT project manager, but knew inside that something else were in the cards for her. 


In  october 2005 she went with her, ever inspirational sister, to Paris, to pursue the dream of maybe representing one or more shoe brands in Denmark. In Paris everything fell into place, after meeting a contact in shoes, she was hooked up with the perfect factory in Spain, and then her dreams expanded, she could now design her own brand and create her own shoes, and she instantly knew, this was the right thing for her.


She went to Spain right away, and after working 12 hours straight at the factory, her first collection came to life, the first samples were represented at Copenhagen Fashion Week in february 2006 and in april the first shoes were in retail.


Sadly the economic crisis touched Helenes dream in such a way that the company had to close september 2010 - Helene will continue to create, and you can find an accessories collection from her hand at and the ethnic seal boots are now sold by the company WiederQuist at but with Helene as creative consultant.


''I hope to return, when times are turned - stay high, on heels - Peace out!''